The Ether. The quintessential Ether. Its acceptance is their Holy Grail. In their struggle,
they will bring the world into a new Golden Age of Scientific Understanding, or die trying...

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And here, you will find a small collection of works related to the pursuit of the Ether,
penned by a simple student of the Sciences and offered for your pleasure... seen at Paradigma Online...

Professor Harvey Wangenstein, Electrodyne Engineer

Dr. Dystopia

Doctor Malcolm MacGuffin

Doctor Jonathon Adams well as a short story about Professor Wangenstein
and his adventures on the Snake-oil circuit...

The Next Town, a Harvey Wangenstein incident by Derek D. Bass

Willy Wonka and the World of Darkness

Did you know that 'Mage: the Ascension' is an anagram for 'Steam Engine Chaos'?

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